Here at Top Notch, we offer a Variety of Add-On’s for your event. From Lounge Furniture and Game Stations, to Live a Violinist and Piano Player for your Wedding Reception and Cocktail. Everything you can ask for is right here at your fingertips. See the list of Add-On’s below, and feel free to give us a call for more information!

Small Light Setup: 2 Moving Heads on our speakers to create a small light show on the dance floor.

Full Light Setup: Overhead truss with 4 Moving Heads to create a large light show on the dance floor.

Plasmas/Projection Screens: 50 inch plasmas or projection screens to showcase snapshots, video mixing, video simulcast or video recap and your montage.

Live Digital Snapshots: Candid snapshots starting at cocktail hour and continuing throughout your event. These photos are then displayed on our plasma screens. We also give you a copy of those pictures on a CD to go home with.

LED Up-Lighting: State-of-the-art Color Kinetic Lights to enhance your décor. These lights can line the walls of the room or go under your tables to create a colorful and elegant atmosphere. These lights change color to the music at different speeds to enhance your entertainment experience and create an incredible atmosphere for your room.

Frost White Color Kinetic Setup: Create elegant décor around the DJ setup with our white board, tension fabric, and dance platforms, all of which can change color while the music is playing.

Live Interactive Musicians: Bring some live entertainment to your event, by using a percussionist, saxophonist, harpist, violinist, pianist, string quartet, drummer, trumpeter, or soloist. These musicians can play during your ceremony, cocktail hour and throughout your reception along with the DJ to enhance your entertainment and crowd interaction. This is a great “in between” accent for those wanting a “live feel”, but not quite a full band.

Monogram Light: Customize your own font and saying/initials/names to be projected onto a dance floor or wall at your reception.

Web Cast: This allows you to share your event with friends and family that couldn’t make it and for those that you couldn’t invite.